AromaTouch Technique


AromaTouch Technique

Jeff has been trained in the AROMATOUCH Technique in which he offers.

This technique helps to stimulate and balance the nervous systems while improving well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors.

The Treatment is divided into the following four parts and consists of dripping the oils along the spine accompanied with soothing massage strokes to facilitate absorption, induce relaxation and help to bring the body into a state of homeostasis or Balance.  

Each step has its respective essential oils:

1. Stress Management: Balance & Calm

Balance (Grounding Blend): creates a sense of calm & well-being
Lavender: to soothe, calm, & relax

2. Immune Support: Cleanse & Strengthen

Melaleuca (Tea Tree): for cleansing & detoxifying
OnGuard (Protective Blend): has powerful anti-bacterial properties and helps to stimulate the immune system

3. Inflammatory Response: Stimulate & Soothe

AromaTouch (Massage Blend): helps to stimulate blood flow to surface tissues Deep Blue (Soothing Blend): helps reduce pain and supports a healthy inflammatory response in the body

4. Homeostasis: Invigorate & Center

Wild Orange:  clean and rejuvenating
Peppermint: cool & refreshing, also helps to stimulate absorption of all previously applied oils



The unique chemical structure of essential oils allows them to pass directly through the skin for immediate systemic response to topical application.  Many have powerful cleansing properties and are naturally antimicrobial.

-doTerra’s network of botanical growers and distillers span the globe from Oman to Corsica, from Sri Lanka to France. 

doTERRA double-tests each and every batch of oil with the CPTG standard before they will make it available for our use. 

Only the purest and most potent essential oils meet their strict standards of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Accept nothing less for yourself and those close to you!

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